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It is quite simple really. We will send you the patch as a REWARD free of charge with free shipping and all you have to do is write a few paragraphs about an album you like or a memorable gig you have been to. 

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Your Favourite Album

Your favourite could be something new that we may never have heard of or it could be a classic. Whatever you send us, we will post it onto our page for others to read. Maybe you can help someone find something new; or because of you someone may pick up an old classic that they haven’t heard in ages.

You can write about many as you wish. You can even review something that has been done before. Your story will be different because everyone’s story is unique and that’s what we want.

So, if you are going to send us a story about your favourite album, please answer the questions below and send your email to [email protected] or send it to us at Facebook Here!

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Your Name

Start with your name for obvious reasons. It doesn’t have to be your full (including 3 middle names) name. It can be anything that we can use to identify you (please keep it clean though).


Another one just to add to the post, no full addresses including postal/ zip code required. A town or City name along with UK/ USA etc should suffice so we can get an idea of where the review is coming from.

Album Name

As the title says… Please don’t forget to include the name of the album that you are reviewing as this is an Album Review’s page.


Of course, we will also need the band name who’s Album you are reviewing.

Why you chose this Album

Here you can write us a little section about what made you choose this Album. It could be a classic album that you had forgotten about or you could be promoting a friend at the start of their musical journey.

Favourite Track and Why?


This is the part where let us know which was your favourite track and why. Was the track your favourite because it was kicking? Is it your favourite due to the lyrics? Was it your favourite because of a certain riff or sound?


Give us a little overview here. This should include your thoughts to the Album in general; what was done well; what could have been done better. Please don’t hold back, this is what our readers are here for, our readers are here because they value your thoughts. After this, sit back and be prepared to read the comments.

Gig Experience

We want you to share with us your stories. It could be anything, your first festival or your last. It could be the best you have been or the worst and why. Share with us so your experience can be shared with the world!

Your input is what our community is built on so don’t forget to email them to [email protected] and get your patch absolutely FREE!

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Disclaimer – We are looking for 300 plus words minimum. All work sent to us will be checked for plagiarism and your work may undergo a minor readability editing process before being posted.