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    Do you have a guitarist in your life and you don’t know what gift would put a smile on their face, well look no further. We have done the hard-work for you and compiled a list of gift ideas for a guitarist.

    1. Iron Maiden T Shirt

    Iron Maiden are legendary nwobhm bands that have lasted for generations. They have been making music for longer than I have been alive and they continue to do so. 

    Their mascot Eddie is one of the reasons that the bands gained a lot of fandom in their early days and the iconic image can be found everywhere. 

    Why not get that guitarist in your life this Killer Iron Maiden shirt. 

    If Heavy Metal is not their thing, keep reading, we have other gifts they may be interested in. 

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    2. A New Guitar

    This Fender Squier Stratocaster in Candy Apple Red makes a wonderful gift. It comes complete with a gig bag, strap, picks and a quality Fender 15g amp. Also included is a 3-month free membership to Fender play. 

    What makes this a great gift? This can be played right out of the box and your guitarist will not be disappointed with the quality. 

    The Fender affinity series is absolutely bullet-proof and will make you very popular when it is opened on the special day!

    Get yours NOW! 

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    3. A New Bass Guitar

    This bass guitar is a thing of beauty and is appealing to players of all abilities. This guitar has a versatile nature, top quality tone and a unique design.

    The pickups on this bass are high quality and based on the classic ‘p-bass’ design. The adjustable bridge is die-cast chrome and has individual saddle pieces for full intonation and height adjustment. The heads are also die-cast with a nice silver finish and provide accurate tuning. There are matching silver coloured knobs for volume and tone adjustment.

    This makes the perfect gift for a guitarist as it is very easy to create great sounds you can hear across genres such as pop, jazz, rock and of course Heavy Metal.

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    4. Guitar Lamp

    This stunning lamp will make the perfect gift for a guitarist of any age or ability. With 7 different LED colours to choose from, it will match any decor in the house or guitarists practice room. 

    This may look like a child’s toy but the build quality is superb and would not look out of place in any room. 

    Modelled after the classic Fender Strat electric guitar, this miniature replica lights up the room in style. 

    When opened, it will not only light up the room but also your loved ones face!


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    5. Custom Guitar Picks

    You cannot beat something that is custom hand-made. This collection of 3 wooden picks all come custom engraved especially for the guitarist in your life. 

    The small case is carved from a solid piece of wood and really is a work or art. 

    I doubt that the picks would actually get used but i’m sure that they would certainly hold sentimental value as soon as they are opened.

    This is definitely one of my favourite gifts for a guitarist and one that I highly recommend.


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    6. Jack Rack Key Holder

    Is your special someone a pain in the back side when it comes to finding their keys?

    Well, Marshall Amps have your back with this quality jack rack. You will never lose your keys again as all you have to do is plug in your jack and the keys will have a home.

    Each jack rack comes with 4 Jack keyrings so there is one for each of the music loving family. 

    Undoubtedly, this one of the best 5 star gifts for a guitarist!


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    7. Genuine Leather Guitar Strap

    This gift is not only useful, it is also extremely stylish. Made from genuine leather, your guitarist will look the part when wearing this. 

    The strap also has a small clip that can hold up to 3 picks… so if you drop one whilst playing, you can carry on without looking silly.

    This strap is fully adjustable and comes with 6 picks to get you going. 

    Strum in style!


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    8. Jimi Hendrix Picture

    This canvas of the one and only Jimi Hendrix would make any room in the house come alive. 

    This canvas print makes one of the great gifts for a guitarist and will literally go with any decor. You cannot fail by buying this gift, as Jimi is still revered as one of the greatest ever.

    Loved by guitarists of all genres, Jimi remains an inspiration for all and is well-known by guitarists of all ages from the very oldest to the youngest strummers around.


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    9. Desktop Organiser

    Looking for something fun yet practical for yourself or for the guitar-lover in your life? This desktop supply organizer is the perfect choice!

    Perfect for any occasion especially such times as a secret santa gift. This little Metal Man playing the guitar will make any “usually very boring” desk come alive.

    I have one of these little guys sitting in front of me right now and I wouldn’t be without it. 

    Perfect for storing your pens, pencils and other stationery. 


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    10. Gibson Custom Guitar

    Okay, now this “gift” is a something a little more spectacular. 

    This is the show stopping Gibson Custom Limited Edition Les Paul. You will not find this beauty down your local high street and each one is one of a kind.

    There is no other gift like this in the world. Your guitarist will surely love you forever if you are to purchase this thing of absolute sheer beauty.

    I wish I was able to get my hands on this but alas, I may have to wait a little bit longer.


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    There you have it, our best gifts for a guitarist. There is something here for everyone, from the young beginner to the seasoned pro, your guitarist will be very happy with anything on our list. I know, because I have half of it and want the other half!

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