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Are you looking for a gift for the Metalhead in your life? Buying gifts can be a nerve-wracking experience; worrying whether that person will like what you have bought. Well Metalheads certainly don’t make it any easier for you to decide so keep on reading… the team at Metalpunkz are here to help. Whether you are buying for a friend, family member, loved-one or colleague, we have compiled a list of the best Heavy Metal Gifts for that special someone in your life. 

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    Slipknot Hoodie

    The divisive Slipknot, loved by many metalheads around the world and boy do they put on a show. 

    This Hoodie makes a great Heavy Metal Gift for your loved one. They can wear this with pride whatever the weather and show their love for the headlining Iowa 9 piece. 

    Slipknot are one of the finest modern Metal bands and sell-out wherever they play. This hoodie will surely go down a hit and show you them that not all people=shit!

    Click Image to find on Amazon (Affiliate Link)

    Ale Horn

    This beautiful Ale Horn Mug is crafted from a single piece of horn and stands at 5.5″ tall. Sealed with acrylic base, each mug is carefully hand-crafted to perfection. Each Tankard is coated with a non-toxic, food-safe lacquer making it completely safe. 

    This comes with a no leak guarantee and will be replaced if any defects are found whatsoever. 

    The Mug has a hand carved one piece handle that will hook over your belt making this a great accompaniment on those long festival weekends. Your Metalhead will not be disappointed! 

    Click Image to find on Amazon (Affiliate Link)

    Black Sabbath Ultimate Collection GOLD Vinyl

    This is one of our favourite Heavy Metal Gifts. None other than the Godfathers of Heavy Metal itself!

    The 31-track collection features the Black Sabbath’s classic songs including ‘Paranoid’, ‘Iron Man’, ‘War Pigs’, ‘N.I.B’. and ‘The Wizard’ as well as choice cuts from their classic albums. Black Sabbath formed in Birmingham in 1968, by guitarist and main songwriter Tony Iommi, bassist and main lyricist Geezer Butler, singer Ozzy Osbourne, and drummer Bill Ward.

    This Ultimate collection of GOLD vinyl is a must have for any Metal fan whether they collect vinyl or not! 

    Click Image to find on Amazon (Affiliate Link)

    Guitar with Case & Amp

    If you are looking for a winner and what to give your metalhead in the family the best possible Heavy Metal gift, this is the one. 

    This Fender Stratocaster with gig bag and Fender amp is a fantastic piece of kit and would be welcome by anyone whatever their age. 

    This particular version in Candy Apple Red is very sought after and you will definitely be very popular when this gets opened!

    Don’t delay, you should pick this up before they are all gone. This is one of the great Heavy Metal gifts that you could buy.

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    Guitar with Case & Amp

    For our next gift, we have stuck with the instrument theme. Maybe your Heavy Metal Fan is a musician. We have included this set of Electronic drums on our list.

    Why do these make a great gift for Heavy Metal Fans? Well, these are not only a great gift for Metalheads, these are great for you too as they can be played digitally meaning that they can be played whilst wearing headphones!!!

    Yes, that’s right, a full on drum kit that can be played quietly so you can keep your sanity in peace whilst your loved one smashes away until their heart’s content. 

    Click Image to find on Amazon (Affiliate Link)

    Purple Dove Bass Guitar

    This next guitar is finger picking good!

    The Purple Dove Bass Guitar is a thing of beauty and a sight to behold.

    Why not look the part whilst playing along with your friends.

    This is a serious bit of kit for the price and gives a stunning tone when played. If you want to see eyes light up, this is the Heavy Metal Gift for you!


    Click Image to find on Amazon (Affiliate Link)

    The Trooper Back Patch

    Maybe your metalhead is into battle jackets and if they are, why not inspire their next iteration with this Trooper back patch.

    Iron Maiden are one of the few remaining bands that have outlasted generations. They have been playing music for the masses for longer than I have been alive and their iconic Eddie is the most recognised metal mascot in the world.

    This trooper back patch is a must have for any battle jacket enthusiast so why not get yours now. What a great Heavy Metal Gift!

    Click Image to find on Amazon (Affiliate Link)

    Motorhead Box Set

    Lemmy is God!

    Treat your loved one to this Motorhead gift set which contains: Coloured Double Vinyl with Pop-Up Art, DL Card, Jewel Case CD, DVD and an exclusive Motörhead Metal Medal.

    This will soon be a serious collectors item, so waste no time and get one of these today. The late Lemmy once said “I don’t do regrets. Regrets are pointless. It’s too late for regrets. You’ve already done it, haven’t you? You’ve lived your life. No point wishing you could change it.”

    Don’t miss out on this Heavy Metal Gift! Also, did I mention Lemmy is GOD!

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    Light Up Novelty Drum Sticks

    These virtually indestructible colour change FX drum sticks are great fun for all ages. 

    These drumsticks will light up when used on any surface whether you are using a full on drum kit like the Alesis one above or you are just tapping on the bottom of some saucepans.

    These make a great present for anyone of any age and they will absolutely love them. 

    The motion activated sensors ensure that whenever you are playing, you will do so with a smile. 

    Click Image to find on Amazon (Affiliate Link)

    Heavy Metal Notepad

    Okay, so we have got to the bottom of our list of Heavy Metal Gifts and we are finishing off with this beautiful notepad. 

    This notepad would make a great stocking filler or secret santa gift for your colleague. 

    I think this is a great little present and it is jam packed with lined pages so you will never need to have to look for a piece of paper again. 

    This little gem is a winner! 

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    There we have it, our list of best Heavy Metal gifts for 2021. There is something here for everyone and to suit all budgets. Do not despair as if you choose wisely from this list, you will be very popular whatever occasion you are buying for!

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