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    Heavy Metal t shirts are known for their hellraising imagery and beautiful artwork. Heavy metal bands are known for their art and the t shirts we have below are no different. So, whether you are a huge metalhead or just here for a gift, read on as we have some great metal shirts for you to choose from. Just remember, if you are buying a gift that the t shirt you choose is a band that your loved one likes!

    Who Wears Metal T Shirts?

    Whether you are 1 or 100, you will need a t shirt. T shirts are designed to be comfortable, simple and can be worn for any occasion. Heavy metal t shirts are a good way to show your taste in music and they can potentially even become part of your personality. Our pick of the best Heavy Metal t shirts is Iron Maiden. So why does it need to be an Iron Maiden t shirt? Quite Simply, the answer is Eddie.

    There is no other image, whether on a t shirt or otherwise that is more synonymous with Heavy Metal than an Iron Maiden t shirt adorned with Eddie in one guise or another.

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    1. Iron Maiden T Shirts

    Eddie or Eddie the head came from humble beginnings. From a papier-mâché mask to adorning the side of a jumbo 747, Eddie is the most iconic metal mascot in the world.Long before he was a prominent feature on Iron Maiden t shirts across the world, Eddie was the brainchild of contemporary British artist Derek Riggs.

    Riggs first drew Eddie as a punk cover called “Electric Matthew Says Hello”. This image was spotted in Riggs’ portfolio by Maiden’s management and they asked Riggs to modify his hair to make him less punk-like. Thus, Eddie was born, and this image was used to promote Maiden’s debut album.

    How Did Eddie Get his Name?

    Steve Harris, one of the founding members of Iron Maiden said that the name Eddie comes from the early days on stage when he was a papier-mâché mask. The Eddie mask was used on stage with a fish-tank pump squirting red liquid (fake blood) out of his mouth. Since the mask was just a head, it was pronounced Ed in the band member’s cockney accent.

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    Where Else can we see Eddie?

    Eddie has not only been used on Iron Maiden T shirts but has been seen all over the world. Artwork featuring Eddie has been used on the cover of each Iron Maiden record. Eddie has been depicted as Satan’s puppet master on “The Number of the Beast”; an Egyptian Pharaoh statue on “Powerslave”; a lobotomised patient on “Piece of mind”; a pilot on “Aces High”, a cyborg on “Somewhere in Time”; and an English soldier on “The Trooper”. There are also many others including Killers, Maiden Japan, and a whole host of singles. You will also find Eddie on Iron Maiden’s very own jumbo jet which Bruce Dickinson pilots himself called Ed force one.

    What we think

     We think that no metalhead wardrobe is complete without an Iron Maiden t shirt and if you are looking for Iron Maiden t shirts, the chances are you will find them adorned with a picture of Eddie. We have a few Iron Maiden T shirts right here just for you.

    2. Metallica T Shirts

    Next up, we have Metallica t shirts. Why would you want a Metallica t shirt? Although their latest music is not as popular as their early work, Metallica remain one of the biggest bands in the world and they are still a big draw.

    Album Art

    Unlike Maiden, Metallica have a logo instead of a mascot. This logo has evolved over the years and can be found on many Metallica t shirts. Other than the plain and simple logo, you will find some of Metallica’s iconic album covers on the front of their t shirts. Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets are the 2 that spring to mind first when you think of Metallica album art.

    Master of Puppets

    The album image for Master of Puppets was created by James Hetfield. The artwork was conceptualised, sketched, and then sent on to artist Don Brautigam. Don Brautigam then painted what has become one of the most iconic artworks that metal has ever seen. The artwork is a direct reference to the anti-war track “Disposable Heroes”. In November 2008, the original work by the late Don Brautigam sold for £38,000 which seems cheap when you consider what some supposed “art” retails for.

    This design can be still be seen on Metallica t shirts worldwide.

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    Vintage Metallica T Shirts

    There are many people that collect vintage Metallica t shirts but for me personally, I prefer to buy the vintage looking t shirts made in modern times. Modern Metallica t shirts are usually more comfortable and well made.

    3. Slayer T Shirts

    Slayer, another huge worldwide phenomenon. Tom Araya and co have now retired although they have left a massive metal whole in everyone’s hearts. Their legacy will continue through the ages as one of the biggest and best bands to have graced a stage. No wonder you are here looking for Slayer t shirts!

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    Slayer are known for having some real dark and controversial artworks. This started right at the beginning with their first album which had an image of Baphomet. Slayer’s sacrilegious artwork often depicts images of hell or religious themes and so do many Slayer t shirts.


    The Slayer Logo is instantly recognisable by any metalhead and it consists of 4 swords forming a pentagram. This logo image can be see on many Slayer t shirts.  The logo was created in 1981 by Blake Edwards and the intention was to do more with the lettering but it ended up staying the way it was. The lettering ended up inspiring a font designer named Chris Hansen to create a font called Slaytanic.

    4. Black Sabbath T Shirts

    Well, what can I say; Black Sabbath should need no introduction but in case you are here to buy your Black Sabbath t shirt as a gift; I will do so anyway.

    Black Sabbath’s original line-up consisting of Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, Toni Iommi, and Bill Ward are credited with the creation of the Heavy Metal genre itself. The Godfathers of Metal as they are known are still revered today by metalheads old and new.

    Black Sabbath The Album

    Black Sabbath’s self-titled first album is over 50 years old and the cover art was created by the illusive Keef. Keef, real name Keith Macmillan created Sabbaths’ first 4 album artworks and they can be seen on many Black Sabbath T shirts.


    Another iconic image that will be found on Black Sabbath t shirts is Henry. If you have only seen a silhouette version of the logo, you could be forgiven for thinking that Henry is female; I have even heard him referred to as a dancer or ballerina. That is not the case, Henry is the “flying devil” or “flying demon” and has been used since around 1977 – That’s 6 years before I was born!

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    5. Slipknot T Shirts

    Yes, we have gone and done it. The Iowa 9 piece! The band formed in the late 90’s is certainly not short on imagery and designs for Slipknot t shirts are not in short supply.

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    Slipknot Masks

    Slipknot are famed for wearing masks on stage which they change periodically. This means that Slipknot t shirts not only depict logo’s and album artworks, they also have pictures of band members in their different guises. Personally, my favourite mask is Corey Taylor’s from the Grey Chapter.

    Slipknot Logo

    Slipknot’s logo is called the nonagram and is a 9-pointed star to represent each of the 9 band members. This version of the nonagram was apparently designed by the band themselves and will be found on many Slipknot t shirts.

    6. Pantera T Shirts

    Walk! You talkin’ to me? Yes, you guessed it, next we will be having a look at Pantera t shirts, if you do not know who Pantera are… you need to go away and google Dimebag Darrell and then come back as an enlightened soul. The late Dimebag was one of the most talented guitarists the world has ever seen and is revered throughout the metal world.

    Who were Pantera?

    Pantera were a metal band from Texas, USA. Their best-known and most popular line-up consisted of Vinnie Paul, Dimebag, Rex Brown and Phil Anselmo. When they were formed in 1981, they began as a glam metal band but like many bands, they evolved and became a worldwide sensation. Many fans still rock their Pantera t shirts nearly 20 years after they officially split up.

    Pantera's Sad Story

    Pantera front-man Phil Anselmo became addicted to heroin in the mid-nineties. This was ultimately the catalyst that set Pantera on their way to dissolution in the early 2000’s. The Abbott brothers Vinnie Paul and Dimebag went on to form damage plan until 2004 when at a gig; a mentally ill fan took out a gun and shot Darrell live on stage.

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    So, there you have it, this is our pick of Heavy Metal t shirts. These are just the tip of the iceberg as there are so many to choose from.

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    No, Slayer had a distinguished career and embarked on their final tour in 2018. 

    No, Slipknot are not classified as being a Death Metal band. The Genre that Slipknot are most heavily associated with is Nu-Metal.

    The true reason for Pantera splitting up is unknown. Even the band members themselves say they are unsure. Phil Anselmo left and the brothers Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul went on to form damageplan.

    Ozzy Osbourne is definitely Metal. Ozzy is one of the founding members of Black Sabbath and they are generally credited with creating the genre known as Heavy Metal.

    Black Sabbath's self-titled first album is now named doom-metal, although at the time no sub-genres of metal even existed. This album is believed by many to be the first ever album of the whole Heavy Metal genre.

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