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Patch can be used as Iron on
Heat sealed backing
Easy to apply iron on applique.

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How to use(this part ONLY for Hot Melt Adhesive)

(1) Take out the embroidery patches and the pants (clothes/bags/shoes/books/other craft) that allows you to be ironed on. Prepare an iron.
(2) Clean the part that may be going to be ironed on. Put the patch on the right part. Put the side with heat seal backing directly on the pants.
(3) And please adjust the temperature of the iron to the suitable degree. Then Iron the patch on force from side to side for about 15 seconds.
(4) After the patch turns cold, check whether it is fixed firmly. If not, try again in above same ways.
Pay attention: This patch only May also be hand-stitched

Use purpose:

A) May also be sewn on a favorite bag, make your own DIY creativity, chic and stylish.
B) Kids clothing hanging bad scrape, you’ll be able to use it fill holes, cover up blemishes.
C) There indelible stains on clothes, you’ll be able to stick patches cover.
D) Clothes feel monotonous; you’ll be able to make a selection a personalized stickers cloth decorated dress up isn’t the same.

Patch can be utilized as Iron on
Heat sealed backing
Easy to apply iron on applique.
May also be Iron on Patch to Cloth, Jacket, Jean, Cap, T-Shirt and and so forth.
Produced from high heat resistance threat



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